O Doctor, My Doctor!

O Doctor, My Doctor! Your time fearfully done,
The TARDIS weathered wrecks, the sought companion lost,
The new series nears, I hear the fans lamenting,
While cynical eyes the replacement, future grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of tears,
Where from the screen My Doctor vanishes,
Merely memory, fondly found.

O Doctor, My Doctor! Rise up again to play the part;
Rise up, we beg; For you our hearts do hang;
For you speculation and fan fic; for you blogs a-crowding,
For you we call, the swaying mass, eager faces hoping:
Here, Doctor, dear David!
This weight deep in my heart!
It is some dream that on the screen,
You’ve fallen to other roles.

My Doctor does not answer; but rehearses new lines;
My David does not know my sorrow; finding other characters;
Show anchored, a new a voyage to begin;
From a fearful trip the director returns with new actors;
Exult O fans; hang your heads!
For we, with mournful tread,
Watch the screen from where My Doctor
Most tragically disappears.

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