Writer's Block

The beast was huge.

It was tall and lithe, with scales the color of the night sky that oozed blots of ink. At the end of each of its six legs were five ebony black claws, hooked into razor-sharp points. It had a long, heavy tail and eight eyes that glowed an evil yellow. In the front of its face was a massive black beak, though from it snaked a bright yellow tongue. The horrible thing curled around itself and glared at us as we approached its cave. Still, we did not dare go inside. It opened its beak to hiss, and revealed row after row of gnashing fangs.

“I’m here to conquer you!” I shouted at it angrily, raising my sword above my head. The creature remained dormant. I lowered my sword, then spat at the ground. “Coward,” I grumbled.

Without warning, it leaped from the shadows and lunged towards me, releasing a bloodcurdling shriek. I yelled and stumbled back a good distance, frozen in fear. The creature returned to its cave. My heart was beating fast.

“Uh, better luck next time?” offered my companion.

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