Bill Me Later

“Shit, shit, shit.” Ruth had kept a nonstop mantra ever since the operation went SNAFU. Even though her voice shook, her hands did not as she slammed a clip into her VPR.

Carson agreed with her assessment but knew that wouldn’t help either of them. “Ruth, switch off for a second. I need to think.”

Ruth went silent but Carson could see her mouthing the words. It would have to do.

Out in the corrider the staccato choking sounds of automatic fire filled the air. Thin walls burped tiny puffs of plaster and paint. The accompanying holes were grouped in tight triangles. Laser thin beams of light criss-crossed the hallway. Whoever those clowns were, they were disciplined. Carson wished he had some of them on his side.

A bullet ricocheted and zipped by his ear. “SHIT!”

“That’s what I was saying.” Ruth said. “Now how much do we care about collateral damage?”

She fingered open a belt pouch significantly, revealing the red and yellow stripes of the CS high explosives.

“Aren’t those illegal?”

“Does it matter?”

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