The Arrival

Each drop hit the ground with a heavy thud and with the last, an eerie pipe music could be faintly heard for miles around. Her eyes grew wide as she watched with horror as the pool of blood turned a deep oily black and fell away forming an impossibly deep pit. Her stomach retched and she fell back as the smell of a decay, older and fouler than anything she could have imagined, bellowed forth.

She crawled as fast as she could, not knowing or understanding what she had called forth into this world. She made it to her feet and ran as fast as her legs would carry her from the sound of gigantic footsteps. With each further footfall the hole grew wider encompassing nearly the entire pasture until the woman stopped and stared open mouthed into the massive gaping wound in the earth.

In a manner so all together foreign to her that she couldn’t even understand what she was seeing a being came forth and gazed at her with one eye. It spoke directly into her mind, a thousand voices at once. And her world went black.

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