An Late Late Evening, Early Mornin Poem - Brii&Cherish.Darling1

Where is the book,
Where, oh where is the bag?!
where is that ole trifflin’ hag?
Is she hiding – hanging on that hook?

day and night i search high and low,
Over counters, under beds,
sideways mirrors, inside heads,
oh where did my beloved go?

Did she run away with that second-hand man,
with the missing tooth, and a hook for a hand?
dare i cross the dessert’s sands,
Where the wind blows just like a fan?

i’d flap my wings and soar across the sky,
Just to hear the birds sing,
Can you hear my telephone ring??
the sounds in my head tell me no lies

Open the book, there she pops out,
the woman in my dreams,
her temperaments mean,
sitting there sighing, short and stout

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