Lander's Rule

I was sitting at the bar getting ready to head home for the night when the call came in. As an independent, when a call comes in, I take it. There is no such thing as “normal business working hours” in my line of work.

“Hey Nick, what’s your availability like?”

“Depends, what’s the call?”

“Got a good one tonight, fix if you can, salvage if you can’t., a G-50 either way for your trouble being late and all.”

“What’s the model?”

“No information on that, just an address and the credit already verified.”

“Smells a little too easy, what’s the catch.”

“Don’t know anything else, that’s the catch, apart from contact’s name and address I have no information on the situation which is why you are one of the few I will give it to.”

The fee for a job was on the high end but the lack of information was suspicious. Still, work had been light this month and I couldn’t really afford to be picky. “Sure, I’ll take it. And I appreciate you thinking of me Sally, we really ought to meet one of these days.”

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