much ado about

semper ubi sub ubi muttered Karl into his cornflakes.
That’s not even Latin and you know it! replied Herculus And besides you are wearing mom’s panties again.
Am not!
Oh, yes, you are. I saw you steal them out of her closet this morning!
You pervert! Watching other boys put on panties.
You’re the pervert!
Am not.
Are too.
So are, and I’m telling mom.
No, you’re not, cos I know what you did with dad’s smokes.
What? The little horsehair thing? He’s forgiven me for that ages ago.
Not that! The dope thing.
Ha! What do you know about dope.
I know! I know where you keep it and where you smoke it and what you did with dad’s cigarettes.
Hehehe, that was wicked.
Yes it was. So I don’t tell dad you don’t tell mom, deal?
Karl stared at his cornflakes again and muttered Semper ubi sub ubi
Hercules just smiled.

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