Anna packed the potato salad, boerewors and beer for Granny’s bring-n-braai into the top box on her V-Rod Harley. Granny’s real name was Sue, but everyone called her granny because she was the oldest in her gang. She zipped up her leather jacket, swung her right leg over the seat and kicked the bike to life with her black high-heeled riding boots.

The Harley vibrating between her thighs, Anna stopped at a red light. She looked over her shoulder and a tiny shoe shop caught her eye. In fact, it was the pair of red stripper shoes in the window, that did. Only after a second look did she notice the signage: “Wolfworths” in gothic script. She parked the hog and strode into the store.
“Help you?” growled the proprietor.
“That red pair of heels in the window, I’d like to buy them.”
“Nah, take them like they are.”
“One six”
“Crazy!” she reached for her wallet.
At that very moment the shopkeeper grabbed and kissed her passionately.
“Strange” she thought "these canines are a bit long…

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