It's not good, but I wrote it for you.

It’s not good
but I wrote it for you.

You fucking jerks.

I put these words to keyboard.
and why?
So I can practice writing sentences?
I can do that
in my spare time.
Scribbling post-it disposable.

I don’t usually craft
write multiple drafts
but I did this time
in the hopes you’d see
that you’d see what I’d done
for you.

I don’t ever write poetry
prose is my thing.
But I tried this once
and see where it got me.

Now I’m writing,
like I’m thirteen
in a diary.
Shit. Teens now don’t have diaries.
They do what I do.
Write angsty notes on twitter.

They don’t drink as heavily.

Was gonna be worried,
that this would embarrass,
but it looks like I don’t
have to worry about that.

Are you reading? No.

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