The Princess

“My people have much to deal with already on Hassar. They do not need tyranny on top of it.”

Were any of these senators listening to her? These people in their dull clothes with their easy lives who had never been to her home or seen her people. She knew they didn’t care, but couldn’t they at least listen?

“We need assistance from the senators to put a stop to the influx of soldiers from Karuc. They have no right to be here.”

Why was she telling them this? These were things they already knew. She let the sleeves of her bright orange robes fall down to hide her clenched fists. She could see empathetic looks coming from the princes and princesses from other moons. The senators did appear to be listening now. Except for one. The young one.

“And so I beseech the senators of Reyvek to send soldiers to Hassar.”

Janyce bowed slightly and lowered herself into her chair. She stared at the young man seated in the middle of Reyvek’s group of senators. Her clenched fists began to ache.

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