Craving bruises by sadistic companions

She let out a sob as the crouched by the bed and pulled out her relief…

the tears ran down her face and coated the purplish colored bruises under her eye. The glistened in teh light and showed the world the truth.

She lifted up her shirt and lightly touched the bruises against her ribs and pushed her head back against the bed. Her magahony colored hair spread out underneathe her head.

She knew she wuld go back toh im, she was addicted to the pain. Her arm was covered with her misery as she drowned the pain out.

What else could she do?

She suddenly heard footsteps approaching her room. She quickly jerked her head up, wiped the tears as they smeared her makeup against her shirt.

She locked away her sadistic companions into her bedroom drawver and faced the light.

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