Thoughts on an Experience at a Stoplight in South Jersey at 2 AM

I sat still at the light for at least 10 seconds after it turned green. There weren’t any cars around that late, and I felt pretty content where I was. I considered hitting the gas, continuing on my way, but there was no need to rush. Nobody would notice I was there until morning anyway. Better there, in a car I felt home in, than in a gutted “guest room” version of my old bedroom.

The light changed to yellow, and the snow reflected it onto the surroundings. No streetlight ruining the ambiance, the intersection turned into a foggy amber color before filtering back to that comfortable red.

Stoplights are kind of like cops, except much more passive.

I leaned my head back and looked through the sunroof, towards the cloudy half-illuminated sky. I thought that maybe that this was what things would be like if I was the only person on Earth.

A thought that was shattered as a pair of headlights broke the horizon.

Green light.

I hit the gas.

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