Rescued by turquoise eyes

the door slams open, her eyes bloodshot with crystals that keep making rivers across her face.

She cant hear the sounds.. she doesnt want to, maybe feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all…

He barges throught the door, she doesnt even look his way…

He runs to her and wraps his arms around her, the deeper she cuts, the deeper he hurts..

The shroud of black that obscured her eyes starts to diffuse. She feels the warmth of his breathe as he leans down on her.

He picks he rup and places her arm around his neck for support. She barely ways anything at all. His phone starts vibrating and holds her diminishing sould with one arm. He looks at he number and quickly answers. His fingertips are sweaty with the tense atmostphere thats sticking like a think film.

He puts his phone to his hear and breathe calmly.
“Hello?” His voice flows with melody. She glances at him, mesmorized by is big turquoise eyes..

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