goodbyes are meant for lonely people

She looks at him with new, puzzled eyes.

Her eyebrows form a confused expression..Why is he here?

He glances at her sleeves, red stains forever to remain…

his hand placed on teh phone, carrying her in the other, he gently sets her down on her bed. she liked the feeling of being caressed in someones arms, she didnt want to leave a safe zone.

she was the prettiest thing you could imagine, big brown eyes, dark brown hair taht went past her shoulders, porecelin skin. She was a doll. She was to die for, except she felt like damaged goods.

Her eyes closed and she heard his voice…the only voice she could bear to hear. Only voice she knew she could trust when he said “i do care”

“Yes, she’s here…….I dont know!….pretty bad to me….Y— no! You cant just let him go like that….HE did this to her! Im never goin to forgive for that…never. Do you see what shes done to hersel over him? I’d kill him if I ever got the chance….That son of – Fine..just come now…

He snapped his phone shut.

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