Lost in the Twilight

Dear Sun,
I look for you everyday. I can only find you every once in a while. When I hang around in the morning… it’s like a “morning after.” But after what? After nothing. After me, alone in the dark. I’m surrounded by the thought of you… little stars, screaming. I wish I could tell them they don’t compare to you.
I want to say I’m sorry that I love you. I am mostly sorry for this because there is no way we can be together. You are the Sun, I am the Moon. We have jobs to do. Our feelings shouldn’t get in the way of our jobs. We are like mouse and cat. Cat and dog. Dog and… oh, don’t you hear them howling? Sometimes, I think the dogs try to scare me away.. I wish I could ask you how you felt, but I.. I know how you feel. You feel bright and powerful and perfect and full of life. Because you are. You’re wonderful. If we were to abandon the earth and find each other in the twilight of the day.. and make love..
But we can’t. I am the Moon and you are the Sun. We’ll never be one.
Lost in the twilight,

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