He climbed higher and higher, and his grip was so tight on the rope it burned his hands.
He didn’t dare look down towards his feet that stood upon rocks. Rocks that shifted under him at every move.
His breathing echoed across the infinite walls of empty space. He forbade himself at looking down, feeling the familiar and constant pressure of fear weighing on his chest. Only gravity was keeping him down and he would not stand for such things.
The sweat on his brow felt like freezing bullets, and his contracting muscles felt like flame. The air pulled out of his lungs with every step he took. But his every move got him closer, and he was not stopping now.

There was forever to be had at that very moment. Where only stretches of clouds floated beneath his feet and he was in a dream. The brisk breeze kissed his cheeks in welcome and the sun shined it’s own presence. And he stood on his obstacle in triumph for he gracefully stood atop his heart’s desires and reached the peak of his life.

He was satisfied.

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