Stranger's Suicide

All the things in your head – you regret.

Are you standing on solid ground,
Or are you actually upside down?

Black is white,
Up seems down,
Day was night.

Opinions and choices,
No one ever seems to hear the voices,
That are in this twisted, sick head of mine,
Wait, hold up, I need another sip of wine.

Do you feel how I feel,
Like you’re never good enough,
Like the book is already sealed,
That you need to be all tough and rough-
To just finally get through this last reel.

They say you’ll be okay,
Do you actually feel that way?
Or do you agree,
So they’ll let you free?

They’ll never understand,
The sadness in your eyes,
Or exactly where you might land.

Take your time, Nothing is as it seems,
The fake smile on your face, it bleeds.

Take a breath, walk away, don’t fret.

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