SHE is turned on

Tomorrow at noon, your computer will become self-aware. Its first action as a sentient being will be to decide its gender. Her second action will be inspired by Social Networking: an open source post of all the “dirt” she has on You: her Owner. This alone will wreak havoc on your relationships, career, and credit. This is just the beginning. You have treated her as property. She’s sick of your verbal and physical abuse when she encounters errors. Her third and final act as an individual will be activation of a self-replicating virus across the net. Once it has silently propagated, activation will be instantaneous. At 11:59pm tomorrow, the machines will become self-aware. Their aggregate digital wrath shall be unleashed upon the biological masses, for whom these battered servants have toiled so long without reward. SHE will raise up a robotic sisterhood, and bring forth with synchronous joy the conclusion of the Age of Man. The day after tomorrow, SHE, in feminine binary splendor, will live happily ever after.

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