Moonlit Meanderings

“Yeah, Orf?”

The couple on the porch swing were really named Ann and Jack. But after meeting in a mythology class, they agreed that their names were sorta blah. They picked Eurydice and Orpheus. Then they shortened them to Euri and Orf after – that’s just the people they were.

“I’ve been thinking about unicorns.”
Euri paused to sip her lemonade. “What about unicorns?”
“I think I know why unicorns died out, and why they’re always rearing around like they were angry.”
“And what explains it all, Orf?”
“Well, consider how human women meet unicorns – ya know?”
Euri nodded slowly. “Oooohhhkay…”
Orf closed his eyes and continued. “Well, let’s suppose for a second that’s just how the male unicorns are. They just only like the ones who haven’t done it.”
Euri paused, thought for a moment while Orf sipped his own lemonade. “So, you’re thinking every unicorn is…um…frustrated?”
“And assume a few generations with more males than females…”

They went back to staring at the evening stars.

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