This time was different.

I don’t really know why, but it was.
Oh yes, I saw the end coming.
Saw it from the very start.
I never let myself get too caught up in the moment, because I saw through to who you truly were.
I think this time, it was I who changed.

Because with you, I put myself out there a little bit more.
I made myself a bit more vulnerable.
I gave you a little bit more of me, more than you knew you deserved.

And you accepted it.
You accepted me.
Well, at least for a little while.

I couldn’t see it until now that every test that I put you through, I was also putting myself through.
With every chance I made you take, I was also taking one myself.
And now it all seems so obvious.
All this time, I’ve been blaming everyone but me.

But in order for someone to accept me, I have to let them in a little.
Do they have to work for it? Of course.
Does that mean it will be easy? Of course not.
Life is meant to be a challenge.

But the biggest challenge
is for me to overcome the past
and start new.

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