Traversal: Hail

“There are only two other factions with the technology to plant an array this far out.” Harking mused.

“Who do you think, sir? The Detached or the Incorporated?”

Relative speed carried them towards the objects at an astonishing speed, a fact that the captain and crew only realised when they heard the first ‘plick’ on the hull of the ship. Normally the sound would have been drowned out by the noise of the machinery, but as the whole ship was in listening mode it was clearly audible throughout the small vessel.

‘plick’ ‘plick’


“Orders, Captain?” the pilot queried nervously.

… and then the hail started. Individual ’plick’s became a a thundering roar as the metal objects attached themselves to the hull of the ship.

“Reverse thrust! NOW”

The SO punched the reactor activate button.
The pilot’s fingers danced across the console.
Nothing happened.
The hail continued.

“She’s not moving, sir!” the pilot’s voice quivered in distress.

“What is this stuff?”

“I think we have found your ghost, Marcon”

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