Some Things Are Universal

We were in class.

School in space is different from school on Earth. There are no desks, chairs, or chalk. In some ways it is cooler to use electronic tablets and hologram projection TVs in your own room. But there are no playgrounds and good food is hard to come by.

The alarm went off. The red light over my door flashed, the safety lock engaged, and a message preempted the image of my teacher. “Lockdown. We are in Quarantine. Stay in your room and await instructions.” No duh.

After minutes of sidebar chat windows and rumors a small window popped up barely able to contain the face of the commander. “Sick bay 7 reports an outbreak of chicken pox. If you have not been vaccinated, or need a booster, a nanny bot will arrive shortly. The hallways will be sterilized. No one will be allowed to leave their areas until the decks are thoroughly disinfected. Today’s lunch will be freeze dried salmon delivered via the tubes. Have a good day.”

Class resumed.

I bet on Earth, school would have to close.

I hate space.

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