stardate 43561.oh-who-cares

\\Mecha 2398 personal log\\
Stardate four three five six one.oh-who-the-barck-cares. Life on board the USS Erudite is so barcking boring. Lights blink on in the morning and if you don’t wake up immediately, barcking music starts playing. Always the barcking same tune. La-la-la-ding-barcking-ding. Then coffee smell. You just have to get up to make it stop. Shower always at a perfect barcking 41.1 degrees. Clothes ready. Who the barck thought of this barcking one-piece anyway. Trudge off to the barcking mess. With all this tansporter technology couldn’t they have invented a better way of getting from barcking A to barcking B? Greet all the barcking people, ‘droids, aliens on the way. Barcking happy face. Food the same as always. Same old barf every day! Off to monitor the barcking screens. Nothing ever barcking happens. I wish I could just create a crisis so we have something to do, but even that’s not barcking possible!
\\Supervisor 2237 eval\\
Mecha 2398 shows signs of depression. Marked for psych eval.

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