The Life and Death of Ingrid Walcott

The Intimate Moments of Ingrid’s Life:

The Cafe
He sat staring at her while listening to the jazzy lounge music. She took a sip of coffee and glanced in his direction. For a split second they made eye contact, but quickly they both looked away. He wanted more than anything to go say hi. She willed him to do so.

The Hospital
He built up the courage, stood up and walked over to her. Their eyes met again. She could tell he had something terrible to tell her. The hospital PDA made some sort of announcement, but she didn’t even notice. She already knew what he was going to say.

The Office
She was so focused on reading his expression. What was wrong? He started to make some bullshit small talk, but then saw her worried expression and stopped. He wondered how she was going to take the news.

The Bedroom
They collapsed next to each other. He breathed deeply, while she tried to catch her breath. She smiled. It was one of those exhilarating moments of intimacy with someone that she had dreamed of.

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