It’s like someone picked me up
Spun me around and uncovered my innocent eyes
I’m dizzy
I’m still recovering
I’m still recouping
I’m a newborn fawn, blinking in this bright sunlight that bathes me
While I still struggle to stand on my feeble limbs
This is all so foreign
So unfamiliar, so novel, so strange
Eventually my clumsy feet will learn how to stand on this slippery ground
And eventually, my blinking eyes will learn to drink in his majesty for what it’s worth
But for now
I’m content with staring up at him
Him staring down at me
And both of us knowing we will be suspended in this surreal galaxy for at least a short while
Just absorbing each other’s exhaled vapors
And gazing at the stars in each other’s eyes
Hoping they never die out

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