The Death Of A Love One

“Life is to short.” – “No honey life is just the journey we endure before death comes and takes us home.” – “What if I just want to stay where I am.” – “I wish that as well dear, but sometimes it isn’t in our wishes to avoid mother natures course in life.” – “Sigh” A tear started to roll down the cheeks of Wendy, her mother sat their holding back her tears as she watched her daughter struggle. Wendy was a model of modern health, always outside running with the neighbors kids, never did she refuse to eat her vegetables. It wasn’t something her mother expected when she was told her daughter wouldn’t live in the next few days. Wendy’s mother sat next to her side, watching Wendy cry. Wishing she could just stop the pain. Wendy was asleep when her mother pulled the pillow under her head, she covered the face of Wendy stopping her from breathing. Wendy struggled, kicking and crying to get free. A minute passed before the last pleading cry was heard, Wendy’s mother stepped back sobbing harder then ever.

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