The Battles Always Choose

Tendrils of light were what made up his wings; tongues of flame that snaked outwards, a brilliant display. Their brightness increased as his baritone voice bellowed. “The Darkness is going to want him for themselves, Auriel. We can’t let that happen.”

A much softer mezzo-soprano replied. “How do we stop it?”

“Bring him to our side before they bring him to theirs,” the armored figure turned, looming ominously over the small female silhouette.

She tilted her head. “He’s set in his way. How do we get him to change?”

“Like we always do. Promise him power. Immortality. He will be one of us,” he turned again, overlooking the courtyard.

“And if he doesn’t agree?” she asked.

He was silent for a moment, a thoughtful hum rumbling in the deep of his chest. “The war will sway in favor of the Darkness,” he hissed with distaste. “I will do whatever I have to in order to ensure that doesn’t happen. I will gain his alliance.”

She sighed. “The mortal Davey is just a boy, Imperius.”

“He’ll have to become a man.”

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