Voices from the past resonate in the air
Shivers for who we once were
Who we are no longer
What we have lost
Who we have lost

I was a child
I was a child with a child’s ambition and imagination
I was a child and free.
My life was limitless. If I could dream it, I lived it
And we dreamed together

I grew up alone
We grew up
And we forgot how to dream
And I lost who I was
And we forgot where we wanted to go
And I burned my childish toys and misconceptions
We were swept up in trying to understand who we were
And we forgot who we wanted to be

We lost everything.

It called me today
It sang of our ‘selves’ with its time-worn pages
I heard our voices telling a story
A marvellous story
And I could almost touch what we had lost
And I could almost grasp who we could have been

But I have grown up
And I have sacrificed all other selves for this self
And I have dashed all other futures for this present

And now I shiver, for who we once were.

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