New Deal of the Mind

New Deal of the Mind

So read the title of the set of papers that lied in front of him. He reached forward and fingered the sides, almost as if checking to make sure the stack actually existed. He examined the ink closely along with the formation of the words.

“Incredible” he uttered to himself.

His hands beginning to shake, he looked up at the author. The fans ran at a blistering speed and almost drowned out the clicking and ticking coming from inside the machine. Within a few seconds, the fans died out, along with the internal sounds of the eternal mind. It had been nine years since the project began, one that initially was painted in failure. He never thought he’d be standing here.

He took another look at the paper before sitting down on a chair in front of the machine and opened to the beginning of the set of seven pages.

He read the title again.

New Deal of the Mind

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