A Mother and Her Children

I always thought Mother Earth would end the same way she began: with a big bang. But now I realize, she will go out with dignity. Or with as much dignity as she can have while parasitic life forms suck her dry of everything she has.

I am a blemish on my Mother’s face and she is ready to be rid of me.

I sucked Earth’s resources dry. The Inter-Space Alliance treaty is void. I’ve met the other intelligent life; spoken with them. They came, they saw, they left. I am alone in the universe now. None will come to my aid. Why should they? I have destroyed my planet, my Mother, my home. No second chances.

I scrounge now. I fight for each breath. I kill for each drop of water. My Mother has forsaken me. She has seen how ungrateful I am and has punished me. She let herself die. And when the host dies, so die the parasites.

She will outlast me; she will recover and go on. The same cannot be said for me. I am expunged. I am no longer even in her memory. So ends the human race. I go to my death in disgrace.

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