Wayne (Part 1)

The distractions were finally gone. There was nothing left but his impending death.

Wayne had lived a full life, surrounded by the people he loved, but this did nothing to conquer his fear of the inevitable. He had long ago given up hope on the possibility of an afterlife. God was but a set piece of the culture he had grown up in, nothing more. His children had moved away years ago and the visits had declined to once every two years or so. His wife had passed away in an accident five years earlier. Wayne wanted to live, but had little left to live for.

As he lay in bed one morning, contemplating the pros and cons of sitting up, he heard something hit the window. Had he the energy to grunt, he would have, but instead slowly rolled out of bed into his slippers and hobbled toward the noise. Outside was a group of children, chucking rocks at the glass. Wayne summoned the energy to growl and opened the window to express his anger to the misbehaving children.

Wayne suddenly felt a sharp strike to his temple.

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