Sorority House

Sylvia’s boyfriend sat quietly in the darkness, watching the scene through his viewfinder. When Della had left through the foyer and closed the front door, he pressed the ‘stop’ button and sat still, breathing slightly hard but softly. The house was still. The girl would never move again, and his camera held the proof of how this had come to be.
Tensely he released the catch and Bevel let the compartment open. He took the mini cassette into his sweaty hand and clutched it tightly, trying to avoid panicking.
What do do now? He did not know if he dared to oppose that woman.
He sat, his face sometimes twitching slightly, lost in thought. He hardly dared to leave the bedroom and emerge into the hallway, even though he knew he was the only living soul in the house.
He thought to himself that he had always known she had had it in her.
He must not lose this tape.
And he must not lose his nerve.
He sat.

There was a rattling sound.
A sudden gust of wind stirred the mink’s fur.

He could not see who it was.

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