Hi, My Name Is....

Hi, My Name Is Frank and It’s been several months since my last Ficly. I’ve been away due to a few reasons, some bad and some good. I wanted to do this challenge to clear the air for myself and if It’s not to the parameters of the initial challenge I apologize but I couln’t think of a better place to write about a return to. I remember how excited I was to join this site. A little anxious and a little apprehensive about people maybe judging my inner-most thoughts and or feelings. But after several notes and comments on my stuff I got into doing the stories and challenges more and it just took off. During my time away I was hit with an infection in my lungs and was blessed with the birth of my 2nd son who looks nothing like me I’ll add (heh) but he is a spitting image of his mom. My brother joined the Navy and was stationed in WA state where he married his wife. I got a cat which I’m no fan of but my eldest son loves to chase and scare. Glad to be back though, I’ve missed you all. Thanks for reading!

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