The Beginning of a War Story with Grandpa Z

“Tell us again grandpa! Tell us again!” they squealed eagerly.

“Alright.” he said, sounding exhausted. “Just once more. Then time for bed”
He gathered himself for one more tale of his gallant battle over Brynmore Hill. Leaning back in his reclining chair, he was secretly pleased at their request.

“It was the bloodiest day of my life. We lost more men that day than ever known before. A hero, every last one of them was. Damn fine men. All for reasons still unknown. "

“Oohhh” gasped his audience. Now intrigued for the rest of the story.

“That’s right. And it all started as a perfectly normal day. Well, almost normal day. Brynmore Hill was full to the damn gills with ’em flightless two-sies”

“Flightless two-sies!?” they gasped “they’re dangerous!”

“Damn tootin they are. With their two armed, two legged, two eye balls, and two ears. Like elephants cept not all flappin round. And they’re all freakishly flightless! They were scary as hell. Scary as hell I tell ya.”

“Wow. Then what happened?!”

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