Love, Lust, and the Spaces In Between Part 3

“Actually” Stella said, her face hardening as she prepared to deliver a monologue “I think I just have poor self esteem. When Adam started to flirt with me I just wanted to please him so he would like me, so I could feel normal. I knew it was wrong to sleep with another man without speaking with you about it first, but I cared more about feeling normal than our relationship.”

Henry bolted up in her lap a similarly hard expression on his face “Indeed. I’ve always felt that our relationship was founded not on attraction but because we both felt we couldn’t do any better. I love you, at least I think I do, but what I may think of as love could simply be the connection we have from sleeping and living together. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone my own size. Was he good for you Stella? He was better than me wasn’t he?”

Stella glanced a way momentarily, a guilty frown on her face and said "I don’t know… It felt amazing at the moment but I feel so terrible now. "

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