Traversal: Ingress

“Interlink ready, Sir” announced Comm, just as the tiny green speck of light on Harking’s console blinked on.
“Hyperprotocol 773 Alpha” a barely audible beep followed.
“Caution! JP gamma 3 T occupied by Abattoir. Proceeding to JP gamma 5 T. ETA” – the captain did a mental calculation – “13 phases.”
The green speck flashed twice and Softs nodded in agreement. Her screen indicated that the message had been sent to the nearest relay point, from where it would be delivered to the Amorphous command centre within 12 days – cycles. Acclimatise to Regulated Time she corrected.
“Pilot, take us to jump point gamma 5 Tauri, optimal engines”
“go dark”
The Wraith turned, leaving the jump point behind and disappeared.
And promptly reappeared as it bumped into a enormous fleshy globe.
Warning lights strobed.
Klaxons sounded.
Dazed, Marcon peered out of the view port.
The globe was extending tentacles, no, arms towards the ship. Some already attempted to peel back the exterior membranes.

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