To Live

This! This is what life is about, is it not? The rush of adrenaline, wind clawing through your hair, and your entire entity, your all and total, is rushing helplessly towards Mother Earth. This is living.

Your stomach churns, your intestines move of their own accord, your cheeks billow as you flash a grin. Caught in the g-force, your descent feels like forever crushed and forced into a nanosecond. Arms, out! Legs, splayed! Make like you’re flying, this is the closest you’re going to get without a giant metal babysitter.

Speed, rush, fast. Fast. Make me feel alive, baby! Feel your heart thudding against every orifice and through every extremity and running right back into the center. Bones, muscles, veins, cartilage, fluids, make themselves known. You are aware of every square inch of your body.

You’re a split second from the sidewalk. The balcony seems so far away now. Did you leave the stove on?

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