If I do'd it, I get a whippin.... I get a whippin

Ralph sat alone in his room pondering whether or not he should hit Enter. He shoots an IM to MrBean: “Dude, I’ve spent months coding this, and now that it’s done, I’m not sure I really want to run it.” He sits anxiously staring at a little yellow smiley face sticker he put on his Enter key just for this moment, wondering if he should have put a frowny face instead.
MrBean: “Do it! You’ve been waiting for this moment for damn near a year, don’t start getting morals on me today.”
Ralph: “I know, but this is going to really cause chaos. I know it can’t be traced back to me, but I do care about what happens once it’s done and we cant Undo it.”
MrBean: “Did they think twice before they screwed us over?!?”
Ralph: “You know Bean, you’re right. Screw this shit, I’m doing it.”
MrBean: “I would love to see their faces when they find out! hahah”
Ralph: “Well, here goes nothing….”
Ralph looks down at his Enter key smiling at him, almost taunting him. He smiles to himself, takes a deep breath, and presses Enter.

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