A War Story with Grandpa Z (pt. 2)

“Well” he breathed, “like I was saying, all those damn flightless two-sies were walking around. It was disgusting. Those damn mammals are ugly as hell.”

“GRANDPA! The story”

“Oh, right right. Where was I? Oh yes, so we were out patrolling like we always do. Practicing fly maneuvers by flying in and out of the two-sies, practicing our dive bomb techniques, and our response timing. All on them. And there were plenty of ‘em to practice on. Couple days earlier, ’dem two-sies start building some sort o’ steel contraptions. Giant ones! Ten times the size of ’em selves! Picture that!”


“So anyways, these steel contraptions, they move! And swing! And light up with color and fill our air with noise! The noise pollution was so great, it could almost turn ya def! But we kept pushin through. Strong as ants we were. Some of our men were lost to those steel contraptions. The young ones of course. The rookies. Always thinking they were invincible. Dumb bastards. But we knew. Ohh we knew”

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