A War Story with Grandpa Z (pt. 3)

“We’d heard stories. Stories of them two-sies riding in the steel beasts. And they did! They came in flocks like sea gulls to be caged up and swung around in these steel contraptions! Damn crazy two-sies. Wouldn’t be so damn crazy if they could fly, if ya ask me. Anyways, it wasn’t until the third night that something happened.”

“The third night?!”

“Damn straight. I can remember it like the day Chris was born”

“Its mike”

“Don’t interrupt me boy! Now, like I was sayin, it wasn’t until the third night. Darkest night I can ever remember. Couldn’t even see my own antennas in front of my 800-photoreception units! But I could sense it. The oncoming attack. And all of a sudden there was a loud crack. Every last hair on my body was vibrating, and didn’t stop for many years to come. That’s how loud it was. We didn’t know what hit us until pieces of hot debris came pouring down onto us. There was no way to escape it. We weren’t fast enough, organized enough, or prepared enough for what was about to happen.”

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