Awe, as great and terrible as he had ever felt, filled him as the Elder God rose from the rip in reality. A bone deep trembling gripped him, even as horror and joy fought for dominance within. It had worked! All his long months of planning, manipulating, casting…it had worked!

He fell to his knees, lifting his hands skyward in worship, in terror, and whispered the ancient prayer he had unearthed so many years ago. The alien words tore his throat, his mouth and he bled. I am become Your gateway into this world, may my offering serve as a beacon. Translation seared itself into his understanding, filling him with longing, grief, helplessness…ecstasy, forcing a scream from already tortured vocal chords.

In a single, incandescent moment, the Elder God bent a fraction of its limitless attention on him and he shattered. Tears and blood streamed from his eyes, his hands limp at his sides. In the heartbeat before oblivion, he managed to murmur, “Beloved…”

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