Take This Dance

Night time. Edwin stood at the front door of the now dilapidated Norwood High in a suit wearing a rather uncomfortable pair of dress shoes. No one was there, not even a mouse. He closed his eyes and suddenly Collective Soul’s “Shine” blared from the speakers inside of the gymnasium. “Edwin!” a girl shouted. He opens his eyes.


Clara was the stereotypical popular girl that everyone wanted, but few could get. Edwin, whose large frame and dorky looking glasses gave him the “fat nerd” status, always wanted to be with her just to get out of his zone. There she was staring right at him with a desperate look on her face. “Can you dance?”

Edwin was flat-footed. If he said yes it would be obvious to her and everyone in the gym that he couldn’t. If he didn’t, then life would have continued as it did from then onward: Edwin never taking a chance.

With a smile, he replied “Sure.”

“Don’t touch my ass!”

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