‘I got a job for us if your interested,’ said Brenner, tossing a bag on the table as he pulled up a chair.

‘How much?’ asks Jimmy, pruning a nail with his switchblade. Dexter and O’Reilly look at the bag and nod.

‘This is all they have, a pound of gold,’ says Brenner nodding at the bag on the table.’ And we get a couple weeks of food, water and air.’

’That’s it?’ asks Dexter looking disgusted.

‘That ain’t no job,’ says O’Reilly, spitting on the floor.

Pushing his hat back, Brenner lays his gun on the table. ‘These folks are poor miners and claim jumpers are stealing their food and what they scratch outta the ground.’

Wayne, Morrison and Kirk pull up a chair and sit down. ‘These the folks out by Lonesome Mons?’ asked Kirk.

‘Yep, those folks are getting a raw deal and the law won’t help ‘em. I say we go out there, do the job for walkin’ money and call it our good deed,’ said Brenner.

‘You fellas in or not?’

Jimmy looks at the men sitting at the table one by one, gets a reluctant nod from each. ‘Okay.’

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