I Need to Write

I need to write
I need to break this melloncholy silence,
My mind has been to long filled with silence
Filled with nothingness.

The embers have all gone out
Not even a faint glow eminates from the embers of thought,
All is silent…

The room is black, dark, cold
Not with emotion and feeling,
But with nothingness

But recently my master and I have spoken
His very speech starts me thinking,
He is the steel, and he has struck the flint of my creativity

Now the kindling, thin strips of paper thoughts ignite
They burn with a fierce heat and vigor
The warm feeling of voices returns,

Voices of people, places, things
All in my head, entertwining and tying themselves together,
A long strand of once paper thin wisps, now a strong leather chord

I can no longer contain it,
I can no longer sit,
I must move,
I need to move,
I need to write!

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