I could rule the world

Catch me if you can, for I’m the wind and I am strong….

Once upon a time a little girl got lost in the worlds. She stepped out her front door one day and suddenly poof. Different world, different pond by the back gate, different sky above and… a different girl staring out from her eyes.

Where had she gone? Why couldn’t she get back to the girl she once had been? She tried to turn around but the new girl, this girl who she now was, refused to move her body anyway but forward. This girl smiled at boys and her eyes glinted like dark, shiny pebbles. This was not the girl she was supposed to be.

So she ran on through this strange different world, through tall buildings and across bridges. Through secret places and across plains. She ran until one day she turned a corner and poof. Another world.

But not her world.

And another girl staring out from her eyes, and now two of her were screaming out from inside to go back, but this third new one only laughed and moved forward.

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