The Void was good to Fury. She did not have to restrict her form at all. Here, she could be free, in a sense. Her orange eyes glowed, burning through the thick darkness as she settled her abysmal gaze onto the mother and son. She felt strong emotions for them in another life, and the demon could feel them now. Ghosts of love and hatred fell over her heart, but it hardly mattered while her soul existed in this form.

She appeared like a dragon, one that could crush a car in her clawed grasp, and who’s size challenged that of a blue whale. Her tail easily matched the length of two or three school buses, and she whipped it around as she stepped from the shadows. A low growl rumbled deep inside her chest as she loomed over the lady Chaos.

Oh, no,” she cooed tauntingly, tilting a head pronged with two sets of long, curved horns. It wasn’t so much that she physically spoke, but more of her voice piercing into the minds of the others. “The faun girl is all but gone for now. I’m afraid you’ve woken the beast.

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