May 24th, 2001
Washington, D.C.
Director Abner Vanlandingham

Dear Doctor Eli Nazeem,

Please, do not bother mailing the armor prototype. I’m coming up to Lowell to personally see the progress you and Dr. Dixon have been making. I’m bringing equipment, and so far this sounds very promising. Perhaps I will see my dream become a reality after all. With so much success, one would think we would need more than just two soldiers, correct? We can further discuss this and other matters upon my arrival. As for the identity conditioning, I do think I have an idea about what to name these soldiers. As a collective group, I would like to call them Titans. In Greek mythology, the Titans’ power matched that of even the gods. Have Dr. Dixon condition the female soldier as Rhea, and the male as Cronus. I look forward to our future discussions and collaborations together. Later, we can also talk about getting you a formal lab. Till then, keep up the good work.

See you shortly,
Director Abner Vanlandingham

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