Aisle 6

The two sounds pulper makes are always welcome ones.

Usually it only takes the rack and slide action of my Mossberg500 tactical shotgun to instantly wet anyones pants but when you’re dealing with the undead it takes the BOOM effect of a well-placed deer slug to the head to diffuse any situation. In case you were wondering, Pulper is the name I gave my shotgun due to the fact that it is the end result of said deer slug when it obliterates a zombies’ skull. Instant pulp!

As I moved through aisle 6 at my local supermarket I take my time with my shots. Placing them accurately and methodically at the 12 “walkers” in the isle.
Keeping pulper chin high against my left shoulder I take aim fire! Take aim fire! As I put down these ugly stinking flesh-eating fucks one at a time all the while telling my brother to not be picky just grab as much as he can.

“Cereal and oatmeal bro…don’t choose just take!” I say.

(He laughs) “Dude! When did you get so good with a gun?”

“I had to.”

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