Rendezvous (continued)

….it was taking alot out of me. And I only had my brother to help me. My other brother Garrett was serving what was left of this panicked country as a submarine torpedoman aboard the USS Wyoming off the coast of Washington state and we hadn’t heard from him or his wife for several months. Man I hope they’re all right…
The good thing about this nations’ military is it’s resourcefullness and it’s ability to put it’s servicemen above all else 1st on the survive at all costs list. Because we all know that General “so and so” isn’t gona pick up an M16 and get his nose bloody for anyone. So that means all 4 branches of our military made arrangements for the “immediate” members of their families to be brought along to the bases or “safe havens” of each respective branch. So my brother and his wife were hopefully either aboard a nuclear sub or floating on an aircraft carrier out in the ocean.

“Hey man, get back on the clock!” snapped my brother.
" Huh? Yeah man I’m good. We’re almost there, let’s go." I reply.

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