Bad Wolf

Karina huffed a sigh, her breath floating out into the bitter air. She pushed through the branches, working herself even further from her village. She froze for a moment, remaining still and listening. The pack was still close behind her. Hungry wolves, travelling together, sniffing the air and growling lowly to one another.

The short-haired girl stifled a sob and kept moving, hoping the sun would rise soon. It had been a solid twenty-four hours since she told her family to remain strong. But if she hadn’t lead the pack away, everyone she loved would have been killed. And she had to continue leading them as far away as possible.

She yelped sharply as frostbite pains struck her feet and she went down to her knees. For the millionth time, she considered the likeliness of her death. At this point, it was inevitable.

That hardly mattered to her. The wolves were close; they began to howl, their paws pounding the frosty earth. She fell onto her side, lungs burning. Her end was close.

But her family was safe.

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